Kids Farm Brochure
  • Our program is designed by a team of cross-disciplinary experts in nursery & education, nature education, coaching, mind trainings, dance and theatre. 

  • Safety is our top priority, when working with children! Our instructors are certified in first aid courses and trained in a special course for children` first aid.  Our First Aid kit is fully equipped.

  • The sessions are held in English with German explanation. If your child does not speak any of these very well, no worries, we can explain and understand also other languages like Russian, Bulgarian, Greek, French, Spanish.

  • We care for MORE than the basic needs of your child - food  & entertainment. We give education and evolution, and help them unlock their full potential. The progress is checked on a regular basis together with the parents and new objectives and goals are set according to the child`s development

  • You have ALL IN ONE! You bring your child once per week and she gets a multisided development in movement, singing, theatre, handicraft & sports. No more need of several courses and stress. The Green School & Adventures tops up the educational offer by even greater contemporary approach to studying amid the nature and discovering the world.

  • SAVE TIME with our pick-up and bring-back service and flexible bring and pick-up times on request in advance (via Contact ).  The time blocks of 3-hour session or full days of activities will give you time  to recharge and be again with your precious children giving them your full attention and love.

  • Healthy food, snacks and drinks (sugar-free) are provided a discretion for the children during all events and activities.
  • FLEXIBILITY ! We are open even when the others are closed, e.g. during summer school holidays. See the Calendar of planned events for more information. Do not hesitate to ask for additional dates via Contact , we are flexible in planning activities even for a  small group of children in a days of your convenience.