Kids Farm Brochure
Workshops & Kids`Parties
 We organize events and parties according to your individual needs and with creative ideas for wonderful time of your precious ones and you as well.
Workshops, Birthday Parties, Baptizing Parties or other experiences for your precious children:

Leave the stress for organising a birthday party to us and enjoy the day to the full with your precious little one. We design and/or organise your event according to your budget and requirements.

For childcares, children garden or other child-caring institutions, we can organise workshops or events, as additional offer to their children in an ad-hoc or regular basis.

Please contact us with your request and expectations and we will suggest you creative ideas and perfect organization according to your needs and budget:


  1. Creativity & Fun
    Foundation Skills for the Future Potential Development of Talents Emotional Intelligence Enjoy Learning Streamline Energy & Fun!
  2. Experience & Security
    Security & Children's First Aid Certificate Multi-language team of instructors: English, German, French, Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, Spanish Program by team of cross-disciplinary Experts
  3. Photo Boot
    During the sessions pictures could be take only by the instructors for educational purposes. If you are interested of pictures of your child, please contact us.