Kids Farm Brochure


  1. Irish Dance in Switzerland
    17 Apr, 2017
    Dance & Drama School "Serendipity" in Lachen SZ for Children (3 to 12 years old) Dance, theatre classes and workshops, events and children festivals professional teachers, develop emotional intelligence, learning while having fun!
  2. Irish Dance in Switzerland
    18 Mar, 2017
    IRISH (GREEN) DANCING IN LACHEN SZ (for kids and adults)
    Irish Dance Workshops in Lachen SZ for G1: Children (4 to 14 years old) and G2: Adults (14 to 99 years old) DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATIONS: 15th April 2017 in cooperation with the teachers from the Maguire O'Shea Academy of Irish Dance in Switzerland
  3. Musical Theatre: Autumn Semester 2016
    01 Sep, 2016
    Musical Theatre: Autumn Semester 2016
    "Musicals are often our first introduction to the theatre...Dance classes often start at three, and children start to sign almost as soon as they can they can talk...A performer who can sing, dance and act is sometimes called a triple threat...Music, dance and drama are all part of the musical theatre. They provide three times the fun weather you are a fan, a game player, or an inspiring triple threat...Teachers, directors and choreographers use games and activities to prepare performers for..".
  4. Mermaids, Seahorses & Starfish Fashion Show
    29 Jun, 2016
    Mermaids, Seahorses & Starfish Fashion Show
    Its show time! And this time in the summer show are invited special guests: mermaids, seahorses and starfishes. Our talented kids, which take part in the Wednesday Musical Theatre Workshops had a special task this time - to transform into mermaids, seahorses and starfishes, then prepare a song or dance and present their costumes on the audience of parents. Mermaid costume may sound complicated and time consuming. But I had an idea...and design already prepared to follow...
  5. KIDS FESTIVAL 2018 Alice in Wonderland
    30 May, 2018
    KIDS FESTIVAL 2018: Alice in Wonderland
    KIDS FARM, a non-profit organization for promoting educational and cultural events for children in Lachen SZ and the region organises on 30th May 2018 at the Pier @ Marina Lachen SZ For 3rd time the KIDS FESTIVAL FACE-PAINTING, DANCING, THEATRE, CHESS, SPORT, GAMES, CHALK PAINTING, YOGA FOR KIDS and a lot of surprises are expecting the children at the beautiful site of Lachen Marina
  6. Irish Dance in Switzerland
    26 Nov, 2017
    iDDS 2017 Christmas Show/ Weihnachtsfest: How Far I`ll Go
    Tanz und Theatre Schule - iDDS "Serendipity" - Dance & Drama School We are school for performance arts and crafts located in Lachen SZ Christmas Performance of our dance and theatre classes with the music of Walt Disney Film ("Moana"/ "Vaiana") Its about a boy that dreams big and wishes that the world is a peaceful and good place to live in, its about a girl that wants to overcome the boundaries of her origin and environment, its about all of us to find real ourselves, our passions and our
  7. Irish Dance in Switzerland
    03 Jun, 2017
    SUMMER 2017 (3th and 24th June 2017) Contemporary Dance Workshops in Lachen SZ for Children (7 to 14 years old) with international professional dancers and choreographers: Irisz Galuska JOIN THE FUN TODAY!
  8. Irish Dance in Switzerland
    15 Apr, 2017
    Dance & Drama School "Serendipity" is organising for the first time Hip Hop and Break Dance Workshops in Lachen SZ for Children (8 to 12 years old) in cooperation with prominent teachers in these styles: Lorenza Berto and team SUMMER 2017 (15th and 29th June 2017) JOIN THE FUN TODAY!
  9. Irish Dance in Switzerland
    05 Apr, 2017
    Drink Balinese tea, watch pictures and listen to music and talk about Bali Short presentation of KIDS FARM activities and plans for 2017 Feedback and ideas exchange for the KIDS FARM activities Partnerships and co-operations discussions Date: 09.04.2017 Time: 10 to 12 am
  10. Ballet Class in KIDS FARM
    01 Dec, 2016
    In 2017 we offer: 36 classical ballet classes for the youngest ones (2,5+) 69 classical ballet classes for pre-school & primary school children (4 to 7 year old) 23 Musical Theatre Workshops 40 Days in the Nature with Educational Games during the School Holidays Different kids`events and workshops in private day care institutions Parties and Events for FREE for the Children that are part of the KIDS FARM!
  11. Ballet Class in KIDS FARM
    12 Sep, 2016
    Ballet classes on Saturdays Starting from 12th November, 10:30 to 11:30 am. Christmas Show On 12th December between 4 pm and 7 pm. in the big Hall of the Pfarreiheim
    12 Sep, 2016
    Every summer has its own taste and colour. This was white and pink...because of the colours of our memories... We enjoyed the sun, we swam and laughed and collected our shells... Now the rain reminds us that autumn is here and winter will come soon. But the little coloured shells will stay with us to remind us for the summer and the sunny days. I did not want to put them back in a jar, in a drawer and forget...Here in 3 steps our small Souvenir from this summer...Its easy and every 3+ years old
  13. 4 Seasons, Vivaldi and Mermaids
    31 Aug, 2016
    4 Seasons, Vivaldi and Mermaids
    It was a challenging and ambitious Workshop: 4 Seasons with the music of Vivaldi, just at the end of our Summer Semester of the Musical Theatre in Lachen SZ. But the kids found again the way to interpret the reality in their way and have a lot of fun! The children` imagination and creativity is unlimited and we, the adults, could only learn from them... Vivaldi is not a light subject, but we had different games and examples, given by the children themselves - by using musical instruments, dance.
  14. Small Secret from the Swan Lake in 3 Steps: Performance & Crafts Arts
    06 Jul, 2016
    Small Secret from the Swan Lake in 3 Steps: Performance & Crafts Arts
    Every little girl wants at least once to be a princess, a fee and a ballet dancer! And of course each of them wants to dance once in the Swan Lake. We fulfilled their dreams during our Musical Theatre Workshop: Swan Lake. We not only danced, but developed together the whole story (not stuck to the original) and made our costumes -  mainly the famous swan tiaras :) Here are a few simple steps to prepare such tiara home and get ready for our NEW Ballet classes with Guilia Consoli in Lachen SZ!
  15. Mermaids, Seahorses and Starfishes
    26 Jun, 2016
    Special Edition Musical Theatre Workshop: Mermaids, Seahorses & Starfish Fashion Show
    Dear All, before most of you go to summer holidays, I`m happy to announce our Special Edition Musical Theatre Workshop for small kids: Mermaids & Seahorses and Starfishes Fashion Show this Wednesday, 29th June 2016 (2-5 pm in Pfarreiheim Lachen). Between 2 and 4 pm, we are going to create our costumes, prepare some songs and dances to transform into the mystical underwater creatures. The actual show will start at 4 pm at Pfarreihheim and all the parents are welcome to join us as audience..
  16. Craft Arts Funny Tips for the Holidays: Musical Instrument
    25 May, 2016
    Craft Arts Funny Tips for the Holidays: Musical Instrument
    How to make a musical instrument ? Music is everywhere around us - in the waves of the sea or the movement of the wind... This is what we learn in our Musical Theatre Workshops with the kids, where we sing, dance, act and do some crafts in order to create our stories and "experience" them. We open their mind and develop not only their knowledge in specific topics, but encourage them to think out of the box... This is how they gain self-confidence to achieve everything they would like to.
  17. The Women`s Power
    17 May, 2016
    The Women`s Power
    For a second time KIDS FARM had the opportunity to present our concepts and activities in the PWG - Zürich. We met many wonderful women, great mothers and professionals and exchanged ideas for their needs and expectations. One another highlight of the evening was the meeting with the fascinating...
    02 May, 2016
    Our colourful logos were designed by the illustrator Jamie Aspinall to bring fun and joy to the kids. We put them on T-Shirts with different design to play ... Choose the design you like, by liking it on our Facebook site:  or by commenting in our Blog: The T-Shirt with the most likes will be the Winner T-Shirt.  Vote and take part in our Lottery on 1st June 2016 during our party for the International Children`s Day
  19. Sailing and Other Adventures of the "Mini Muffins" and the "Unicorns" - Part 2
    01 May, 2016
    Sailing and Other Adventures of the "Mini Muffins" and the "Unicorns" - Part 2
    After the intensive day in the Climbing Forest, Walking and Swimming (see Sailing and Other Adventures of the "Mini Muffins" and the "Unicorns" - Part 1), came back to the sailing camp and prepared for the party... The Grill Party We ate a lot of food, drank some good wine and danced in the old boat hall. The kids stayed till late and enjoyed the different games. The Sailing In some countries (e.g. France) kids go sailing alone from the moment they can swim – some children start
  20. On the road with Backpack and
    22 Apr, 2016
    Sailing and Other Adventures of the "Mini Muffins" and "Unicorns" - Part 1
    We did a sailing trip with my daughter and used the opportunity to explore some possibilities for experiencing new things and having adventures with small kid.  We love sailing and we have done different tours in the Mediterranean and even the Caribbean. But every year there is a special regatta in Bavaria, at the Hansiatian Sailing School Prien.